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  融合安吉生态文化风情 打造关怀备至酒店服务

  2019 年 6 月 18 日,安吉凯承温德姆至尊豪廷大酒店隆重开启迎宾之门。这是温德姆酒店集团的最高端品牌系列,也是大中華酒店(香港)有限公司在安吉的首秀;同时是安吉县委、县政府贯彻习近平总书记提出的两山理论的又一重大实践。

  On June 18th 2019, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Kaicheng Anji, the highest brand tier of Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hotels & Resorts announced its grand opening. This is the debut of Greater China Hospitality (H.K) Limited in Anji; also great practice of implementing the thought of Two Mountains put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping and conducted by Anji commissions and county government.


  Anji is conveniently locates at Yangtze River Delta of Zhejiang province with beautiful ecological environment and abundant tourism resources, with a population of 487,000 (including permanent residents and migrant people, statistics of 2011) and history of 1800 years since Eastern Han dynasty AD 185. With picturesque scenery, beautiful mountains and clear waters, Anji is titled the splendid green bright pearl in Yangtze River delta.

  县内旅游主要以天荒坪风景名胜区、安吉竹乡国家森林公园、龙王山自然保护区等;此外,还有亚洲第一的天荒坪蓄能电站,藏龙百瀑布群,神秘的浙北大峡谷等。另有黄浦江源、龙王山、大汉七十二峰、白茶谷、芙蓉谷等美景,处处风光无限。安吉被称为中国第一竹乡,其森林覆盖率达 71%,是一座天然大氧吧,其负氧离子平均浓度为3000/cm3,具有“自然痊愈力”。

  Its tourism resources mainly includes Tianhuangping Scenic Spots, Anji Bamboo Homtown National Forest Park, Longwang Mountain Natural Reserve, Tianhuangping Power Station, Canglongbai Waterfall Group, Zhebei Grand Canyon, Headstream of Huangpu River, Longwang Mountain, 72 Peaks from Han Dynasty, White Tea Valley, Furong Valley etc. Anji enjoys a reputation of Top Bamboo Hometown in China , it is a huge natural oxygen bar with its forest coverage rate reached to 71% and its air negative oxygen ion concentration reached to 3000/cm3. All of these brings it with great self-healing capability.

  安吉凯承温德姆至尊豪廷大酒店就是在这样的大背景下,落脚于美丽的安吉。大酒店是位于安吉城区中心的国际豪华品牌酒店。这里交通十分便利,至安吉长途客运站仅需 10 分钟车程,距各旅游景点 30 分钟车程。从杭州出发只需约1个小时车程,未来杭/安城际轻轨开行后,15分钟即可抵达。而从上海出发仅需约 2小时车程即可抵达。同时商合杭高铁安吉站预计2019年运营,届时来去沪宁杭三角地区,坐高铁一天就能打个来回,来安吉旅游更加了方便。

  Under that background, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Kaicheng locates in the beautiful country Anji. The hotel is an international  high-end luxury brand hotel in the center of Anji downtown. The transportation here is very convenient. If you drive a car, it takes only ten minutes to Anji long distance bus station, thirty minutes to all kinds of scenic spots, one hour to Hangzhou. In the future with the operation of inter city light rail between Hangzhou and Anji, the time for transportation could is fifteen minutes, two hours from Shanghai. Moreover, the use of a new high-speed railway station in Anji in 2019 makes it possible to arrive in Shanghai-Ningbo-Hangzhou delta area within a day, and much more convenient to travel to Anji.


  The first phase of the hotel project will be opening soon which have 404 spacious and elegant decorated guestrooms with balcony. Meanwhile provide non-smoking floors, theme family rooms and personal butler services. To enjoy the 9,000sqm lake landscape, the romantic and charming lawn with about 1,500sqm create a unique wedding atmosphere for you. More than 2,000sqm golf putting green can show your talent. The Fitness Center offers an urban oasis for health and relaxation with a fully-equipped gymnasium, chess & card room, kids’ playground, table tennis and billiards room are also available. Lotus Garden Chinese Restaurant, Constellation All-day Dining Restaurant, Bamboo Club and 800sqm spacious banquet space are also the best choice for leisure vacation, conference and events.

  舒适优雅 | Elegance & Comfort


  Elegance & Comfort

  Besides the exclusive lake view, balcony access, centralized air conditioning system, and broad bandwidth internet access, all our 404 luxurious rooms and suites are further available to the non-smoking floor and themed family-friendliness options. Whether it is a honeymoon trip or a family reunion, We, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Kaicheng Anji, dedicate ourselves to ensure the state of prestige for all the guests with relaxing and comforting experiences.

  遊廊大堂吧 | Breeze Way Lobby Lounge


  Breeze Way Lobby Lounge

  A delightful trip to Anji starts with a lovely refreshment. In our Breeze Way Lobby Lounge, we provide a wide range of choices of how to start it: a cup of bright and earthy White tea only can be found in Anji, or a jug of fresh and sparkling Pilsner beer, or a glass of exotic and citrusy Tequila Sunrise cocktail. As the name of the lounge suggests, let the Breezing wind take you to the Way of both sensuous satisfactory and spiritual harmony.

  星璨全日餐厅 | Constellation All-day Dinning Restaurant


  Constellation All-day Dining Restaurant

  When the appetite rises, we proudly present our irresistible international buffet with open kitchen experience at the all-day dining restaurant. The dishes of variety and quality satisfy the taste buds, the marvelous environment pleasures the visual, and the vivid atmosphere stimulates the feeling. It is a sumptuous feast for all sensations all round the clock!

  豪廷轩中餐厅 | Lotus Garden Chinese Restaurant


  Lotus Garden Chinese Restaurant

  Elegant Mandarin styled dining experience is just too enjoyable to miss. Featuring traditional Zhejiang cuisine, Cantonese delights, and local specialties, especially tempting gourmet from Anji: fresh bamboo shoot, satisfaction is guaranteed. The design of the Lotus Garden is both a masterpiece of art and versatility. Under the deviously carved ceiling, it has19 luxurious VIP rooms and a grand hall of eight hundred square meters with the capability of 300 guests.

  商务会议 | Business & Meeting


  Business & Meeting

  We are happy to provide two conference rooms for any professional events. With the state-of-art audio-visual solutions, wifi coverage, and heartful and efficient support from our IT service team, it will be our honor to host your path to business success.

  竹贤阁豪华会所 | Bamboo Club


  Bamboo Club

  Descending from the fascinating ancient Yue culture and honoring the precious Anji bamboo culture, the Bamboo Club is nobility itself. The Mandarin styled VIP private saloon can accommodate 24 honored guests. It includes two complementary chess rooms and one KTV room. Furthermore, a sophisticated wine bar serves drinks and cigar on demand. All our efforts have only one goal: celebrating your distinction and making your day.

  康乐健体 | Gymnasium



  What could be better for both physical and mental health than a workout place with an unhindered lake view? The Gymnasium is located at level x, offering various and advanced bodybuilding equipment, baby activity center, yoga room, chess room, billiards, and table tennis facilities for all our guests’ needs.

  休闲 & 婚礼 | Leisure & Wedding



  Leisure & Wedding

  If exclusive ten thousand square meters of astonishing lakeside view doesn’t speak for itself, putting-green practice courses occupying two thousand square meters would be ideal for our guests fond of outdoor recreations. In the name of love and romance, the carefully maintained meadows and lawns in the size of one and a half thousand square meters will bring the fairy tale to life, spread the joy, and bless the newly bonded families who choose to exchange their vows here.

  It also marks for the commence of Phase II construction: a grand convention hall occupying more than thirty-seven thousand square meters. This grand hall includes a multi-function gallery, sizing of one thousand and eight hundred square meters, capable of holding a banquet with more than one hundred tables, and an indoor swimming pool with a stunning view and exceptional experience in the size of four hundred square meters. Complex one will also introduce three hundred more guest rooms. More excitements, such as presidential suites and Japanese cuisine restaurant, are also on the way!


  Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Kaicheng will wholeheartedly serve guests from all around and provide them with unforgettable living experience. Meanwhile, we will constantly strive to build a classic tourism destination characterized with a combination of luxury hotels and local eco-culture.

  “空山鸟语兮,人与白云栖,潺潺清泉濯我心”。安吉的美丽浓妆淡抹总相宜! 业主单位香港恒天集团表示,安吉凯承温德姆至尊豪廷大酒店未来目标,就是要建成温德姆中国区白金五星示范标杆酒店;建成上海国际会展中心的副中心;建成践行习近平总书记提出的两山理论的新典范!

  Birds singing in empty mountains, people dwelling under white clouds, limpid spring clearing my hearts. The beauty of Angie County is always charming with either light or heavy decoration. According to the owner HK Hi-Tech Group Corporation, the future plan for Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Kaicheng Anji is to be constructed as the Platinum Five Star Model Hotel in China under Wyndham Hotel Group, the sub-center of Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center and a new example of implementing the Two Mountain Thought put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

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